History of Madera Georgia

"Madera Georgia" LTD has been operating in Georgian market since 2004. The enterprise was founded on the material and technical base of a furniture workshop of the Soviet period. Soon after its founding, the company began to enter the international market, starting with exporting to Israel. In parallel with the technical modernization of the workshop and the training of qualified personnel, the company engaged in studying international market requirements and quality standards. In this regard, “Madera Georgia” LTD constantly collaborates with internationally recognized experts and organizations in the industry.

The turning point in the history of the enterprise is associated with fruitful cooperation with specialists of the International Organization for Business Development and Support - "PUM" in 2016, which contributed to greater recognition and growth in popularity of the enterprise's products in European market.


Madera Georgia
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Madera Georgia
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Madera Georgia
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Madera Georgia
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Madera Georgia
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Madera Georgia
Demand for furniture made from Georgian second-hand wood is growing in Europe
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Madera Georgia Today

Today Madera Georgia produces all types of exclusive solid wood furniture, except for upholstered furniture. The production uses aged wood material of the highest quality, which is distinguished by uniqueness and environmental friendliness. The growing and ever-modernizing material and technical base of the company is focused on safe and environmentally friendly production methods.

The company is massively represented by its products in Europe, USA, and Israel.


Madera Georgia Goals

Madera Georgia plans to expand its product line and add several new services in the near future. The goal of the management is to combine traditional methods of wood processing and modern market standards in the country, develop and popularize the sector, minimize waste generated during the production process, widely implement international standards to minimize harmful effects on the environment and expand and strengthen position in the international market.


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