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A contemporary take on the traditional globe chandelier, this 4-light geometric design captures attention no matter where it hangs. Its quatrefoil-inspired wooden frame surrounds four interior candelabra bulbs (not included) that cast just the right amount of ambient lighting. Best of all, this piece is dimmer-switch compatible, so you can adjust your mood lighting accordingly.

პროდუქტის ზომები: (H)22 სმ x (L)31 სმ x (W)55 სმ
ჯაჭვის სიგრძე: 70 სმ
ყუთის ზომები: 22 სმ x 31 სმ x 55 სმ
საშუალო წონა: 21 კგ
დოკუმენტაცია: ინსტალაცია და აწყობა (.pdf)
უფასო მიწოდება: საქართველოში
ფასიანი მიწოდება: აზია, ევროპა, ამერიკა
გადაზიდვა: სახმელეთო, საჰაერო, საზღვაო
პირობები: მიწოდების პოლიტიკა (.pdf)
დაბრუნება: 30 დღეში დაბრუნების პოლიტიკა (.pdf)

Q: "How long and how wide is this fixture?"
A: "The fixture has an overall dimensions of 27.5'' H x 20.88'' D."

Q: "What is the height of the fixture without the chain?"
A: "The height of the fixture without the chain is 27.5 inches."

Q: "Is this suitable for bathroom use?"
A: "This chandelier is rated for damp locations. That being said, it is not suitable to be used in the bathroom as it has direct exposure to water elements."

Q: "Can this chandelier be hung upside down with the lights facing downwards?"
A: "This chandelier cannot be hung upside down with the lights facing downwards."

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Madera Georgia


The company implements the so-called green production, which means secondary use of industrial raw materials. Logging is not needed to obtain raw materials used in production, and the products are made from naturally aged centuries-old materials. Harmful impact on the environment is minimized during this production process. The priority of “Madera Georgia” LTD is to widely introduce modern standards of ecology.

Madera Georgia


The company produces all types of environmentally friendly, exclusive, solid wood furniture, except upholstered furniture. The production uses the highest quality antique wood material, which is distinguished by individuality. When working on the material, it is possible to maintain the natural look, while giving it different tones by including individual metal elements.

Madera Georgia


The company supplies products with branded packaging, both in Georgia and across the world. Delivery is made through partner companies with experience in the field of logistics. Branded packaging means - handling of goods in accordance with world standards, preparation of appropriate documentation, boxing.

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